OneAston awarded Regional Delivery Partner of the Year 2023 by Temenos!

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We are excited to announce that OneAston has received the prestigious 'Regional Delivery Partner' Award. The annual IMPACT Awards recognize the excellence of Temenos partners in driving innovation and customer success with Temenos’ open platform for composable banking.

Indeed, we have expanded our footprint in the Americas by launching operations in Colombia. We launched a new Delivery Center, dedicated to the delivery of IT services for the financial industry in 2022. This will complement OneAston’s other five delivery centers that focus on Temenos solutions: Transact, Infinity, and Wealth.

Congratulations to the winners of the IMPACT 2023 awards and all our partners that play such acritical role in accelerating growth and opening new opportunities for Temenos, our customers and all participants in our thriving ecosystem. Collaboration and co-innovation are shaping the future of banking, and why Temenos has embraced the open platform model and partner-first approach.”
- Ross Mallace, Executive Vice President, Global Head of SaaS and Partner Ecosystem

OneAston team with Temenos IMPACT Award

Reflecting the trusted partnership that we have nurtured globally with Temenos, this delivery center will support Temenos clients throughout the Americas. Since2012, OneAston and Temenos have been working hand-in-hand to deliver value to clients of all sizes by supporting them in the delivery of improved service levels and enabling them to capture new revenue opportunities.

‘I am thrilled to receive the Regional Delivery Partner Award from Temenos. This recognition is a testament to our strong partnership and relationship with the Temenos team. Our expansion into Colombia will enable us to strengthen the support we provide to Temenos and our customers by delivering valuable services and successful projects throughout the Americas. I would also like to thank and congratulate our delivery teams for their constant commitment and motivation throughout all projects.’
Edward Bovy, Regional Director Americas at OneAston

Temenos Partner x Edward Bovy - Impact Award

Furthermore, through our collaboration with our CBTW partners, this delivery center will enable us to drive our clients' business growth by sharing our expertise and utilizing our extensive knowledge in business strategy, digital products, customer experience, and cutting-edge technologies to deliver comprehensive and end-to-end solutions.

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