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OneAston expands its footprint in Latin America by launching operations in Colombia

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OneAston, an independent global financial solutions integrator, announced today that it has launched a new delivery center in Colombia to meet its client’s present and future needs. Dedicated to the delivery of IT services for the financial industry, this delivery center will complement the 5 other centers already focusing on Temenos solutions: Transact, Infinity, and Wealth.

To create this delivery center, OneAston collaborated with one of its tech ecosystem partners: Positive Thinking Company. Together, they will grow their clients’ businesses by sharing their knowledge and leveraging business strategy, digital products, customer experience, and technologies to deliver end-to-end solutions.

The rise of technology in Latin America with internet adoption and smartphone penetration has created a significant opportunity for the financial industry. The sector has been increasingly growing in the region in recent years, as has the attraction for technology. In addition to the high levels of education and qualified talent in Colombia, the country represents a new hub for technology experts. Therefore, with this new delivery center, OneAston will be able to leverage a great pool of IT talent with high technical capabilities to scale up in Latin America and offer flexible delivery options, agility, proximity, and cost optimization.

Reflecting the trusted partnership OneAston and Temenos are nurturing globally, this delivery center will support Temenos clients in the Americas. Since 2012, OneAston and Temenos have been working hand-in-hand to deliver value to clients of all sizes by supporting them in the delivery of improved service levels and enabling them to capture new revenue opportunities.

“I’m delighted about opening this new Delivery Center in Colombia. It shows OneAston’s commitment to developing its business in Latin America. Our operations in Colombia will allow us to strengthen the support we provide Temenos and our customers in the delivery of added-value technology and IT financial services in the Americas. Teams are motivated and ready for the next chapter!" - Edward Bovy, Regional Director Americas at OneAston

*OneAston delivery centers are multi-location teams that use common processes, tools, and methodologies to deliver local or global projects on specific banking expertise: digital channels, wealth management, and core banking services.