Delivering a Temenos Wealth implementation using UXP front-end for Relationship Managers and Clients Digital Channels with full remote teams

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The Challenge

The deployment of WealthSuite started late and pushed this project into a rushed timeline. OneAston expedited the process to deliver the project on time. Due to the pandemic, the project was completed 100% remotely.

Our Approach

With Temenos cloud deployment, Analysts and Developers had the capability to connect remotely. A hosted platform allows greater flexibility for key staff to act quickly. No delays on people traveling on site or requiring all people to be physically present. Our process was efficient, the timeline was on track, and the outcome was cost effective.

Key Results

The project took around 10 months to complete and we executed WealthSuite onto a Transact implementation. WealthSuite was implemented using the UXP front end and includes not only Relationship Manager workstations, but also client channels. The implementation combines the strengths of WealthSuite and Transact using the Temenos TTI integration layer, allowing more seamless integration and less impact on the timeline.

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