Implementing Temenos Wealth in Asia

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The Challenge

Our client is an Asian bank that engaged OneAston to revamp their internal banking processes through an end-to-end digital solution. The key ask was to deliver a digital transformation program for multiple streams of their banking business in parallel. The implementation was broken into multiple teams and the product was rolled out for the different areas of the business simultaneously.

Our Approach

We decided to deploy the system using an agile methodology to enable an iterative and continuous rollout of features throughout the project. This also created a dynamic system that evolved with business needs. OneAston deployed a robust team, which included architects, analysts, developers and testers. This ensured that the right skills and expertise were applied to help the bank tto achieve its business objectives.

Key Results

The bank supports a wide range of investment products, which include (cash, loans, deposits, securities, funds and, structured products. In addition, they also manage) order input, PTCC, valuation, iInvestment performance and investment suitability. The system was successfully deployed in seven countries of Asia in a phased approach. This transformation allows the bank to link to a number of core banking solutions across each location and to support over 3000 users and 3.5 million portfolios. The system is currently live with Temenos Wealth and Temenos Data Source, and upon completion, it will also include the rollout of Temenos Transact to some locations.

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